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I have been interested in ethnomusicology since 1994, when I first began attending Roberto Leydi's classes at Bologna University. I've travelled and done field research in Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Australia, meeting amazing people and musicians along the way. These experiences have shown me that passion is the most important thing in life. Passion is the reason I love playing and working to understand the power of music. Passion is what moves me to be involved in education, video documentary, journalism, event organisation, and community music-making. All of this is a part of what I do. Though it can be hard to balance so many things, I can't imagine living without this multi-faceted passion for music. Music(ology) is, for me, something that goes beyond a peer-reviewed article or a great album. It is the possibility to share an embodied knowledge. It is the possibility of deepening our connection with others.
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