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Bercebo - Ephemeral Instrument
Flauta y Tamboril - Zamora
Bombo con platillo - Buenos Aires
Podence - Carnival Mask
Podence Carnival
Luca Recupero - Catania
Barbieria duo - Ostuni (Italy)

I spent almost 15 years researching Murga and Carnival in Buenos Aires, focusing the research on a controversial drum: the bombo con platillo (bass drum with cymbals), protagonist of the carnival, political demonstrations, stadium celebrations). 
With my collegue Emiliano Migliorini, for example, I conducted research in Frosinone (IT), analizing the function of music in the soundscape of the carnival ritual. 
I have been also involved in research projects in Spain and Portugal, studing the music in border zone of this two countries, mainly in the regions of Tras os Montes and Castilla y León.
In Australia I have connected with the Italian and Latin American communities, conducting field research amongst them.
Last year I was elected an ISSI fellow, which gave me the opportunity to return to Italy to begin the video documentation of the contemporary folk music of the southern regions



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2007-2012: Continuous collaborations with the “Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes” (Art

Centre of Valladolid, Spain. for the redaction of

concerts programs.

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