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Italian Framedrum (any age and level)  

This unique workshop will introduce some frame drum techniques that can be found in Southern Italy. We will briefly discuss the different drum shapes, their symbolism and the repertoires connected to the different instruments. Then we will learn to play some basic rhythms. As it will be a mainly practical workshop, the focus will be on the space/body/instrument relationship and movement/musical intention as well as on the several ways of producing different sounds using the drum.The basic performance techniques of the tammurriata, tarantella calabrese and pizzica pugliese will be illustrated, with a brief introduction on the phenomenon of tarantismo and Southern Italian dance music. The workshop is intended both for professional musicians and the wider community (Duration: 1.30h).


Italian traditional music and dance (age 5-16)

This workshop will show the authentic, traditional music and dance of Italy’s south. Through the interactive workshops, the students will discover the rhythms and sounds of instruments like the accordion, the tamburello, (frame drum) the ocarina and the scacciapensieri (jaw harp). In the longer workshop they will also learn to dance some steps of the pizzica pizzica dance from Puglia (Italy). Recipients can be schools, education centers, after school programs, community hubs/centers, Italian culture and language institutes. Kids aged 6-16 (The program can be adapted for all school-aged children). Duration: 30 and 55 mins.)

Bilingual interactive readings plus live music in collaboration with picture book author hayley egan (age 0-12]

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